Monday, February 11, 2019


- bismillah -

Orang kata jangan hidup dalam kenangan lama. Tapi, kenangan lama yang menghidupkan aku.

Merindui masjid nuh qudhoh, masjid universiti yarmouk. Alhamdulillah, direzekikan dapat solat semua waktu di situ. Termasuklah tarawih. Alhamdulillah.

Solitude gives me happiness and contentment. Solitude makes me closer to Allah. Solitude makes me interacts with new strangers.

Thank you Allah for everything. If i am leading to the wrong way, kindly guide me. Kindly put me under your mercy and care.

Make me better than my past, not any worsen. Grant me back my beloved quran which was always in my heart once... T_T


  1. salam nawwar. akak actually google rgdg experience transit di abu dhabi for long hours dan came thru your blog your experience on 2017. boleh tak akak DM nawwar coz nak tau further for preparation utk our family trip end feb ni. if tak menggangu, boleh akak dapatkan email add nawwar so akakboleh email personally.tq.wassalam

  2. Wsalam. Sure, i'd love to help.. But that was kinda solo trip so it might be quite tough for family trip. Anyway, can contact me via fb (i just dont know how to dm u from here 😅)

  3. ok.akak dah email at your email


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