Monday, July 15, 2019

Hello paeds!

- bismillah -

Alhamdulillah. Currently i'm in my 5th posting. For whoever had wish me and pray for me since the start of my career journey, this is all thank to you too. :)
And may all the good works and things that had happened, i wish everyone of us may received the saham / good shares of them too. Credited into your akhirat account amiin.

Well, being a 5th poster isnt easy. At day 2 of life in a new department, (sing: a whole new world~) my friend and i were expected to manage a ward on our own. So there we are terkial2 amik darah, struggling hard to hold the kids and what more the drop method moments omgggg. Our first week as tagger was a hell. Plus some comments from our (respected) superiors, "korang ni bukan 5th poster ke?"


Like... Is K 3.0 in adult as same as in kids? We dont know. If in old wards we would have started tab slow k, mist kcl. I noted K 5.9 of a neonate to my superior and she said okay. So yeah, paeds posting is completely something new that (it's our fault) even a 5th poster cannot enter bare hands hahahahaha.

In the 2nd week of tagging, i started working in NICU. It is better. Blood taking and branula skill is improving. Even 1 person is enough to take blood and the baby don't really kick you. We can sit and eat. Not such during our 1st week in ward, i just bukak puasa with 10mls water for injection. Horror. Going home at almost 11pm++ every day in the first 7 days.

And because taking care of conva is such a carefree and easy (provided the babies are stable and few admission those days), my superiors yang jaga baby prem dekat intermediate and mo side were struggling while we were sitting 😂 and then they call for our help laa..

"awak mai sini assist saya masuk uvc"

Huh uvc tu apa weh hahahahaha monolog dalam hati dengan muka tak ready tapi kaki jalan pi jugak.

Lepas dah assist dr baru laaa teringat umbilical venous catheterization. Hewhewhew.

Dekat sini, as a 5th poster, alhamdulillah finally found the advantage... At least i dont irritate my superiors with sterile technique and stuffs. Yeay scrub gaya masuk OT #rinduortho lol.

Phew. Baru nak mula hidup. Doakan paeds posting ni diberkati dan dipermudahkan.

Semoga Allah izin jadi doktor terbaik yang Allah redha dunia dan akhirat, i want to give the best to ME, because our life is very short... So being capable at work, doing kindness and being obedient to Allah, are the ways to GIVE THE BEST to my ownself...

Segala daya dan upaya datang dari Allah.

Ps. Demam, viral fever, and i dont want to take an mc... Because if i did, i'm scared i would seek mc again and again in the future... May Allah grant me good health amiin.

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