Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Ortho moments

- bismillah -

Yesterday was one longed awaited day, an elective ot day. I barely had chance for elot. Even there was once given previously but suddenly my friend just seized the chance. Well, kinda disappointed but i believe in Allah's plan.

And yesterday i was given paeds elective ot. With mo and specialist who i am comfortable with. All three of us are females ♥️

What i respect my surgeon is she always say bismillah, loudly, for everything she did. Even scrubbing. Did u ever said bismillah when scrubbing? 😥

And the fact that this might be my last chance in OT, so i enjoyed every moment very much. I found that it was more relaxing than before.

As for today, might be my last day in ortho clinic. Staff nurses are amazingly friendly today, even though we had most of patients today since the last week patients are forwarded to today after few days of raya break. My kind mo (khsk) sat in front of me, helping me with discussion of cases that i saw in clinic. And all my patients are wonderful. Some even wished me selamat hari raya. May Allah bless them all with good health.

Above all, i thank Allah for everything. May i would be able to finish everything in its best. Because the end is the ultimate value of everything.

May Allah bless me, always. Amiin.

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