Friday, May 10, 2019

Ahlan ramadan

- bismillah -

Ramadan is here, again, alhamdulillah. This is my second ramadan working.

I tried my best to lift the spirit for ramadan. Read quran from phone while waiting (outside the room) for a patient doing mri (kiv for sedation). But blergh... Everyone else beside me who were also waiting were laughing and taking selfies!! I stopped after few minutes. The spirit is just not there... :(

I missed the environment in jordan during ramadan.... Can u imagine, one day, i entered an office building and found everyone was holding quran? (there was one officer watching video from his pc though, but he was wearing earphones!)

And when i was inside the bus commuting from the university hospital to my apartment, i could see there were people reading quran inside the bus... Those who didnt, just kept quiet. Even taxi/ bus drivers didnt switch on their radios with loud banging arabic music like other days prior ramadan...

Everyone just slow down and respect the holyness of ramadan...

But not in here currently my working place :( :(

Nobody want to solat jamaah, what more solat tarawikh at hospital...
Nobody compete to offer foods for breaking our fast...
And no one read quran in public.... Not even in private at surau/bilik rehat

Just sleep... Or chatting.. Like normal days



Tonight i will be on call with my non muslims friends. And i cannot fast currently.

May Allah help me boost my ramadan spirit and may He grant me the best of ramadan, better than my previous years. Amiin.

Because we never know whether this could be our last... :'(


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