Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Of faith and hope

- bismillah -

Just a simple note from i encountered at the clinic yesterday...

Upon seeing a very bright smile on her face at the clinic yesterday, i didnt even know that she was once had 1 episode of "unexplained abruptio placenta" at 39 weeks on previous pregnancy, resulting in intrauterine fetal death.

A strong abdominal pain was mistaken as contraction pain. Little did everyone knows, the ctg finally flatten.

I believe her strength i see now comes from a very supportive environment, a deep-seated faith, and a loving family.

May Allah take good care of her on her current pregnancy. 🌹

Teringat cerita addin dan benz.. Hewhew... Mcm mana benz pujuk addin bila dia keguguran, kembali kepada tadabbur surah kahfi.

And kemarin, kakak nurse klinik tu pujuk patient, "in shaa Allah anak tu jadi anak syurga, sedang menunggu di sana."

Indeed, the couple lose nothing. Allah. The beauty of faith, taqwa, doa and iman.

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