Monday, July 15, 2019

Hello paeds!

- bismillah -

Alhamdulillah. Currently i'm in my 5th posting. For whoever had wish me and pray for me since the start of my career journey, this is all thank to you too. :)
And may all the good works and things that had happened, i wish everyone of us may received the saham / good shares of them too. Credited into your akhirat account amiin.

Well, being a 5th poster isnt easy. At day 2 of life in a new department, (sing: a whole new world~) my friend and i were expected to manage a ward on our own. So there we are terkial2 amik darah, struggling hard to hold the kids and what more the drop method moments omgggg. Our first week as tagger was a hell. Plus some comments from our (respected) superiors, "korang ni bukan 5th poster ke?"


Like... Is K 3.0 in adult as same as in kids? We dont know. If in old wards we would have started tab slow k, mist kcl. I noted K 5.9 of a neonate to my superior and she said okay. So yeah, paeds posting is completely something new that (it's our fault) even a 5th poster cannot enter bare hands hahahahaha.

In the 2nd week of tagging, i started working in NICU. It is better. Blood taking and branula skill is improving. Even 1 person is enough to take blood and the baby don't really kick you. We can sit and eat. Not such during our 1st week in ward, i just bukak puasa with 10mls water for injection. Horror. Going home at almost 11pm++ every day in the first 7 days.

And because taking care of conva is such a carefree and easy (provided the babies are stable and few admission those days), my superiors yang jaga baby prem dekat intermediate and mo side were struggling while we were sitting 😂 and then they call for our help laa..

"awak mai sini assist saya masuk uvc"

Huh uvc tu apa weh hahahahaha monolog dalam hati dengan muka tak ready tapi kaki jalan pi jugak.

Lepas dah assist dr baru laaa teringat umbilical venous catheterization. Hewhewhew.

Dekat sini, as a 5th poster, alhamdulillah finally found the advantage... At least i dont irritate my superiors with sterile technique and stuffs. Yeay scrub gaya masuk OT #rinduortho lol.

Phew. Baru nak mula hidup. Doakan paeds posting ni diberkati dan dipermudahkan.

Semoga Allah izin jadi doktor terbaik yang Allah redha dunia dan akhirat, i want to give the best to ME, because our life is very short... So being capable at work, doing kindness and being obedient to Allah, are the ways to GIVE THE BEST to my ownself...

Segala daya dan upaya datang dari Allah.

Ps. Demam, viral fever, and i dont want to take an mc... Because if i did, i'm scared i would seek mc again and again in the future... May Allah grant me good health amiin.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Ortho moments

- bismillah -

Yesterday was one longed awaited day, an elective ot day. I barely had chance for elot. Even there was once given previously but suddenly my friend just seized the chance. Well, kinda disappointed but i believe in Allah's plan.

And yesterday i was given paeds elective ot. With mo and specialist who i am comfortable with. All three of us are females ♥️

What i respect my surgeon is she always say bismillah, loudly, for everything she did. Even scrubbing. Did u ever said bismillah when scrubbing? 😥

And the fact that this might be my last chance in OT, so i enjoyed every moment very much. I found that it was more relaxing than before.

As for today, might be my last day in ortho clinic. Staff nurses are amazingly friendly today, even though we had most of patients today since the last week patients are forwarded to today after few days of raya break. My kind mo (khsk) sat in front of me, helping me with discussion of cases that i saw in clinic. And all my patients are wonderful. Some even wished me selamat hari raya. May Allah bless them all with good health.

Above all, i thank Allah for everything. May i would be able to finish everything in its best. Because the end is the ultimate value of everything.

May Allah bless me, always. Amiin.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Ramadan 30

- bismillah -

Alhamdulillah. Allah izin mengecapi ramadan hingga hari ini.

Sesungguhnya, apabila kita meminta yg terbaik, maka apa yang Allah beri itulah yang terbaik untuk kita. Malah, Allah sentiasa memberikan kebaikan kepada hamba-Nya walaupun kita tak minta.

Allah maha kaya, Allah maha berkuasa.

Alhamdulillah tahun ni Allah izin jadi tahun kedua beraya sebagai pekerja. Allah izin hidupkan malam2 tertentu dengan pekerjaan.

Semoga, Allah izinkan karierku sebagai amal soleh.

Farhana, sentiasa lah tuntun diri kau menjadi mukmin.
Hati mu. Lidahmu. Jasadmu.
Ketika ramai dan seorang diri.
Jadilah muslimah mukminah,
Dont settle for the less.
And do build high hopes.
Ada di sana mukmin muslim yg Allah redha,
Semoga kita diredhai dengan keberkatan perkahwinan.

Yes i do think about getting married as my age increasing hahaha.

But i know, marriage in never the only ultimate aim for my life in this world.

Married Asiyah, the wife of firaun, only find peace and eternal hope in Allah.

"Oh Allah, build me near You a house in the heaven." her doa is recorded in the eternal script of Quran.

A wealthy, powerful husband isnt everything .

Allah is my only source of love, the only key to the best of my life, now and hereafter.

Ya Tuhan kami, kurniakan lah kepada kami, dalam kalangan pasangan dan anak2 kami, sebgai penyejuk mata, dan jadikan lah kami sebagai pemimpin bagi orang yang bertaqwa.

Semoga Allah berikan the best of the world and akhirat to me, and all of us.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Ramadan 20

Baru keluar ot. 945am. Duduk kejap, for brain dump.

I started my oncall last night at 1930h, buka puasa dalam kereta dengan mak ayah, then sambung buka puasa makan nasi kerabu di pantry sorang2. Minum mocha setin, then pergi solat. Pkul 2010h ready untuk amik passover dari orang kerja pm.

Then, masuk satu case baru di ed. Cepat2 i jawab ok dr sebab nak pi ed, tak mau masuk ot.

Trace xray, eh lain macam ja. Pi tengok patient, tudia,,,, open fracture with tibiotalar dislocation. Ankle joint dia terkeluar habis. Nampak tulangggg.

And semua orang suruh aku masuk ot, jangan stay di ed sebab tu tanda2 kejonahan. Hahaha. Sayu gak laa. Tapi takpa, pujuk diri, benda tu dalam kawalan Allah, bukan dalam kawalan aku utk pesakit mai kes teruk2.

Lagi pun, malam 20 ramadan, a very blessed night in the last 10 days of ramadan. I pray for the best. And everything about ramadan is all about blessing. So my jonahness is also a blessing.

So i went to ot.

And no referal at ed, at all. While i was in ot, my friends can go ot to buy food.

Luckily i brought along bekal for sahur.

And sebelum ot start, semayang isyak dulu.

Alhamdulillah. Ot habis less than 1 hour before subuh. Allah izin sempat terawikh di surau ot. Dan makan makanan bekal utk sahur.

Lepas subuh, 0630h ada kes ot lagi. Tapi 0750h baru mula. Aduiyai.

Habis 0850h. Letih. Tapi Allah izin yg terbaik utk hamba Dia yg serahkan diri pada Dia. Allah takkan bebankan seseorang melebihi kemampuan.

Anyway, i am grateful for the open fracture cases. I am grateful to be in ot. I am grateful to be a doctor. Alhamdulillah.

So, berdasarkan cerita di atas, bilakah masanya saya tidur?
Masa dlm ot 😂😂😂nasib baik dr tak nampak or terhuyung hayang haha.

Thursday, May 23, 2019


"hello dr, saya dari bla bla bla.. Sy nak tanya, betul ke kalau nak inform pasal pt post op, inform dr?"
I want to first make sure i'm calling the right person.

And she scold me out of nowhere thinking i'm going to refer a case. Here ho cannot do referal.

"saya nak cakap dengan mo saja." katanya. Letak tepon.

So i told my mo. Then my respected mo (ud56) pun call la mo kerek tu.

Lps habis cakap semua, my mo kutuk mo kerek tu... Bla bla bla...

Sekian happy ending.

Urm jgn kerek ye. Ho ni mmg la...semua benda salah.
Tp ni bulan posa kot. Semoga, kerjaya anda yg begitu hanya penat di dunia saja... May u flourish in ur career, but with empty ending in akhirat.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Ahlan ramadan

- bismillah -

Ramadan is here, again, alhamdulillah. This is my second ramadan working.

I tried my best to lift the spirit for ramadan. Read quran from phone while waiting (outside the room) for a patient doing mri (kiv for sedation). But blergh... Everyone else beside me who were also waiting were laughing and taking selfies!! I stopped after few minutes. The spirit is just not there... :(

I missed the environment in jordan during ramadan.... Can u imagine, one day, i entered an office building and found everyone was holding quran? (there was one officer watching video from his pc though, but he was wearing earphones!)

And when i was inside the bus commuting from the university hospital to my apartment, i could see there were people reading quran inside the bus... Those who didnt, just kept quiet. Even taxi/ bus drivers didnt switch on their radios with loud banging arabic music like other days prior ramadan...

Everyone just slow down and respect the holyness of ramadan...

But not in here currently my working place :( :(

Nobody want to solat jamaah, what more solat tarawikh at hospital...
Nobody compete to offer foods for breaking our fast...
And no one read quran in public.... Not even in private at surau/bilik rehat

Just sleep... Or chatting.. Like normal days



Tonight i will be on call with my non muslims friends. And i cannot fast currently.

May Allah help me boost my ramadan spirit and may He grant me the best of ramadan, better than my previous years. Amiin.

Because we never know whether this could be our last... :'(

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Klinik rabu

- bismillah -

Alhamdulillah. Hari ni klinik outpatient. Allah izin duduk dengan mo baik. Banyak case boleh discuss easily with my dr. Bila dia ada hal, kawan dia yang baik jugak pulak datang ganti.

Waktu klinik sesi petang, sorang patient mai pukul 3. Oklah discuss dengan bos. Then, sorang lagi mai pukul 5. Huhuhuhu. Pukul 455pm.

Yg pukul 5 tu, miss (specialist) sendiri bangun dan pergi jumpa pesakit dekat luar.. Tayah amik nombor apa dah. Sbb pukul 5 tu semua orang angkat bag. Tapi what i respected about my boss ni, dia sendiri bangun cepat2 pi dekat waris patient tu. Boleh ja dia nak blah balik tinggalkan ho ni clerk dan cari sendiri mo utk discuss.

And patient tu miss decide utk masuk wad.

Sebab miss dah tahu kes tu hospital lain dah refer dia dari awal tadi. Hehe. Cuma pakcik tu, berserah pada ilahi, mai klinik dekat2 pukul 5 sebab dia baru sampai dari hospital yang satu lagi nu.

Betapa Tuhan tak pernah sia2kan usaha hamba-Nya. And things that we cannot control, Allah ja yg boleh aturkan.


For every good person that Allah surrounded me with. Alhamdulillah.

Semoga segala kebaikan sentiasa berterusan berkatnya. Amiin

Saturday, April 13, 2019


- bismillah -

Alhamdulillah. Currently in my 4th posting.

Haha. The weird thing about this posting is that i havent create my own comfort zone yet despite approaching 2nd month here in the department.

Everyday is filled with palpitation.

And adrenaline rush.
Haha. Which makes me feel good.

And adrenaline also making me able to hold my bladder the whole freaking day, and skip every meals for the whole day.

Crazy life.
I pity my kidneys, ureters and bladder. I pity my tummy. But when things just get too busy, my appetite will be gone too.

And i dont even feel hungry.

I am hungrier on less busy days at work. And sleepy. Which is the 180 degree opposite to the super-me during busy days.

Well, speaking of comfort zone, my mos started to break the ice with jokes etc, but i am just scared to laugh hahahahaha.

Singa buat lawak depan kau, mesti la fikir 2 kali nak gelak ke nak lari hahahaha.

Omaigod. What a life nak gelak takut2.

And of course la, buat lawak 1 minit, then bila kita buat salah/ not up to expectation, singa makan orang la balik... Urmmm.

Got one boss yg tak suka orang kerja lambat2, xda arah tuju... Haha. Kalo apa2 masalah, ayat dia mesti, "mcm ni lah pompuan!" (sexist ya amattt)

Awal2 jumpa dia memang terasa la. Makan dalam weh. Bukan sedih tapi bengang rasa nak marah balik hahahaha.

Lps tu Allah bagi satu session clinic dengan beliau. Hahaha ofkos la kena kaw2 marah sebab slow itu ini hahahaha. Tapi tu my 1st patient jer. Next2 patient i dah laju sebab dah tau nak buat apa. Dia pun dah kurang marah hohoho. Tapi the whole session dua2 orang muka ketat. Dia serius, my resting bitch face is wayyyyy more serious hahahahaah.

Padahal session clinic lain dengan mo lain boleh ja gelak2 depa buat lawak and korek2 rahsia tanya pasal family. Urmmm.

Semalam pulak oncall dengan beliau. 1st referal my friends tak respond pun nak pi tengok. Shait. Aku la nih kena pi. Dah siap clerk case, sambil tunggu dr mai sambil palpitation. Hahaha. Takut weh kena pancung.

Urm anyway, as expected, memang dia buat kerja supersonic. And alhamdulillah boleh kejar. Siap sekali tengok 2 patients time tu. Otak belah dua. My friends tak turun2 nak tgk new referal. And dr was very kindddd sbb satu case lagi dia kata tayah present. And amaiiiizingly dia tolong ejakan nama xray view yg pelik2 tu hahahahaahah. I was likeeeee.... Ok, dia tak marah plak aku slow..? Padahal tak tlg eja pun xpe dr, saya okayyy.

And the next few referals pun aku jugak yg turun. Ape cer orang lain tamau turun. Shait. Haha tp ok ja la. Bearable. Dah hilang palpitation bagai2.

Then ada patient tiba2 nak aor. Tambah kerja. Urm tadi tamau masuk wad tak habaq awal2, pi setuju buat apa. Bila my friend counsel balik, eh, mak cik ni undecided pulakkk. Dr mai nak sign aor form, tapi sbb patient berbelah bagi pulak nak aor ke tak jadi aor, hahahahaa apa lagi meletup la dia. "macam ni la pompuan!" then dia blah.

Phew. I looked at my friends, oh no he just started to piss off. Which is not good sebab we need to survive the day with his mood being okay.

I picked up the aor form, and went to the makcik.

"dah ada keputusan ke?"
Tu je ayat. Lebih2 tamau cakap apa dah. I need result. *venusian mood off. mood martian activated* haha

Then senang. Mak cik nak admit.

'dr, pt td dah settle. Dia admit.'

Tu je ayat whatsapp. Men like result and simple wordings.

Then the whole day he was in goooood mood. Phew.

So, that's how my palpitation never cease in this department. We all tried our best not to irritate our boss, so that we can work happily weeeee.

U dont care, i dont care punya prinsip of interaction. Buat kerja je. Yg penting kerja smooth mood semua orang okay. So sebab tu bila buat lawak i tak reti nak gelak hahaha.

Dont buat lawak depan saya dr. Dont even smile. Sbb my i dont care is solidated with ur ego in the 1st place.

And lastly before balik, dr suh trace satu xray. I was doing my passover in the phone, tengah copy paste whatsapp message, and i dont like people bother me when i'm doing my job. Lastly dia bangun trace sendiri marah2. Hahahaha. I just dont care. Penat lah.

Malas fikir panjang, so my brain: okay dia tak marah tapi dia tolong buat kerja sendiri sebab i pun tengah busy.

Sekian, my happy strawberry oncall. 🍓😂

Ps. I told my friends that we will change the group icon to chilli (replacing strawberry) if his mood irritated. Hahahaha. Luckily till end of shift the strawberriness maintained. Alhamdulillah.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Spo2 40

- bismillah -

This evening, i was walking back to ward from clinic when upon entering the ward, i saw my staffnurses were busy running around here and there fetching things. They saw me and quickly informed: dr, spo2 40%!

Hah? I rushed to the patient. What could possibly happened???

I attended the patient, he was a young boy with humerus fracture, day 1 post humeral plating. He was tachypneic, and i think he looked like he's gonna collapse at any time. But when i asked him questions, he spoke in full sentences.

The vitals were bad, spo2 was really 40%.

His lungs got unequal air entry. With pleuritic chest pain.


Luckily no calfs tenderness. And he is young. That is the most important factor.

I saw that blood transfusion going on, but has already been stopped by my staffnurses.


His spo2 picked up after i put him on hfo2 15L/min. Hahaha. Initially i put him on fmo2 but the spo2 only 82%.

When he regained 100% spo2, i called to inform my mo.

His question was only this:
What has been done?

Bla bla bla

And alhamdulillah, the patient became stable after that. His ecg was normal, blood normal, portable cxray also normal.

We suspected that he may got transfusion reaction just now.


To think again, i always had cases of transfusion reaction (jonahness), but this one is my 1st encounter with "spo2 40" complain. Sampaikan sekarang blood bank dah tak bagi transfuse malam2 sbb pt i selalu jadi reaction malam2 😂.


The patient survived. The mother thanked me. I dont know what will happen to him if he was left unattended with that spo2 level.

It was not because of me, but the patient's rezeki to stay alive...

To think how Allah made me walk fast from the clinic to ward while other friends were still in clinic... Rupanya Allah aturkan utk attend the patient...

Alhamdulillah... Segala puji hanya bagi Allah

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Pak cik beli ayam

- bismillah -

Alhamdulillah. Currently, i am in my 4th posting, which is a department related to traumatology. Eh.

Well, i have patient today in ward, he sustained distal radius frature and tibia plus lateral malleolus fracture post MVA. Wound debridement was done on the same day, and he was put on ext fixation and k wire on his fracture sites.

Today, when one of my colleagues approaches him to take his blood, my friend notices that the patient is disoriented. GCS drop! OMG.

Me and my other friends immediately rush to his bed. Upon attended, we noticed that the patient had his eyes closed. He didnt respond to our call, but was talking confusing words that i can barely understand. He looked in distress, trying to get down of the bed and removing spo2 device and even the oxygen mask.

"pak cik, nama apa?"
He opened his eyes and told his name.
Ok correct,
"pak cik, pak cik kat mana la ni?
He replied immediately, saying he is in pasaraya, beli ayam.

Omaigod. All of us, me, my colleagues and staff nurses were stunned by his answer. What had possibly happen that he become disoriented like this?

I continued with the next question.
"pak cik, kami semua ramai2 baju putih ni sapa?"
"penguatkuasa kesihatan"


His bp was dropping low, we resuscitated him with the fluids until we have to start the norad infusion.

When my mo comes, patient already comfortable, under oxygen and hemodynamic support with blood taken. My mo was fast to notice that patient is indeed pallor, and after knowing the history that patient had just finished op, my mo immediately ordered to transfuse 1 pint saline phase while waiting for the current Hb status result.

The Hb turned out to be half than the pre - op reading. The patient was in acute compensated shock.

We continued resus him and he received a total of 4 pints of blood.

Ct brain was done urgent, no evidence of icb / ischemic stroke. Alhamdulillah.

When we reassess him again after awhile, he was amazingly oriented to place, time and person.

"pak cik ada di mana sekarang?"


I smiled to his family members in relief.

SubhanAllah yang menghantar dr Mo mai tengok dan cepat boleh tangkap punca2 tanpa tunggu official result.

And i balik dengan hati yang lega...

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Oh kasut

- bismillah -

Before i started working last year, i went to GPO and managed to buy 2 skechers at a price of 1, or less than 1. I wore them alternately days and nights for one year. No issues. The designs are formal, not too sporty, and of black and navy blue in color.

Until i masuk my 4th posting, the specialist told my chief that he noticed houseman wearing blue shoes that he isn't happy with it.

I feel terrible, as if i was the one wearing pink / flourescent colour shoes with funky design!

I dont know. I hope i can keep positive thought on him.
He just came back from a long holiday.
But some things just dont really change.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Do more, push harder

- bismillah -

I think i have give more. But no, it was not enough.

I have to fight the fear of doing wrong,
I have to push myself to conquer the  imperfection.

People commenting me physically, without knowing i have never have issues with my physical built, until they mention it.

I missed my own self, who is carefree and careful, happy and cheerful, like i was in the previous posting.

Ortho should be good. I should allow my self to like it. I should open the door for every chance and potential.

Push yourself harder. Do more.

Sleeping at 2am, is just not enough.

Do more, for the sake of yourself. Not to be recognised, not to be known.

Do more. Pls, do more.

Ps. Damn, this is a feeling that you  are just not good enough.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Ibu ayah yg bersengkang mata

- bismillah -

Alhamdulillah. Terima kasih mak ayah. Terima kasih atas segalanya. Terima kasih.


Semoga Allah mengganjari ibu ayah, aku dan keluargaku dengan syurga.

Hari ni first on call ortho, hujan, mak ayah hantar senja2. Semoga sentiasa dlm jagaan Allah.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

My 26th birthday


Alhamdulillah. It's been almost a week since my 26th birthday.

I'm glad that this year, marked my 1 year of working in this road-not-taken field of housemanship. Alhamdulillah for everything.

And today, i manage to bring my parents for a short holiday by the beach. It feels different. Suddenly i feel i am that one capable woman. Hahahaha
(altho most of the time i always feel like i have never contribute enough for people around me, most of the time i am the one spoilt child who doesnt want to help around the house.) hurm.

Anyway, may Allah ease every good thing. One year older means one year closer to the day i will return to Him; my death.

May Allah forgive me, and may Allah grant me the success and happiness of both the world and hereafter.


Monday, February 11, 2019


- bismillah -

Orang kata jangan hidup dalam kenangan lama. Tapi, kenangan lama yang menghidupkan aku.

Merindui masjid nuh qudhoh, masjid universiti yarmouk. Alhamdulillah, direzekikan dapat solat semua waktu di situ. Termasuklah tarawih. Alhamdulillah.

Solitude gives me happiness and contentment. Solitude makes me closer to Allah. Solitude makes me interacts with new strangers.

Thank you Allah for everything. If i am leading to the wrong way, kindly guide me. Kindly put me under your mercy and care.

Make me better than my past, not any worsen. Grant me back my beloved quran which was always in my heart once... T_T

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Jangan risau jika belum bernikah

- bismillah -

Allah always give us good things. For us to reflect, to be grateful, and to fear Him.

He knows. And Allah tak zalimi hamba-Nya. Tapi manusia yang menzalimi diri sendiri.

Today encounter a patient who has bad social history. To think again, ya Allah lindungilah aku dan kawan2ku dan zuriat keturunanku daripada hidup macam my patient tu. Allah. Segala puji bagi Allah yang menjaga dan melindung kita selama ini. Thank you for not putting me into her situations.

Kesimpulannya, jangan menilai dari luaran. Berapa ramai gadis dan teruna yang sudah tiada kesucian diri. Berapa ramai yang sudah lali dengan pergaulan bebas.

Ya Allah, selamatkanlah aku.

Somehow i start praying i want to be a married mommy for my children. Oh Allah pls take good care of me and my friends.

Semoga direzekikan jodoh yang beriman dan beramal soleh.

Sesungguhnya lebih baik membujang daripada bernikah dengan orang yang salah memilih jalan hidup.

Sesungguhnya, rasa berdosa, kesal dan taubat itu akan tercabut dari jiwa apabila sudah berulang kali melakukan maksiat.

Semoga Allah pelihara kita. Amiin.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Hormonal episode

- bismillah -

Currently, i have a month left before ending the training in current posting.

I guess seeing babies born everyday has made me kinda, vulnerable. I feel more like enjoying being that fragile lady who has one beside her to comfort her. And I think i want to be a mom too, something i never thought before. And that thinking proceeded with getting married.

Out of sudden, i started to only now realised that almost 'all' my friends are married. Those in my study years, housemates, batch mates, school mates, hahahaha, i just started to realise this lol. And it is already 2019! that some of them already got 2 kids (dont ask me about their contraceptive methods tho). How fast the time flies and my life is still the same.

And before this, i was always in my comfort zone, not wanting to get married yet. But recently my family has been asking about when i will be getting married, that somehow has stir me out of my comfort zone. Nobody was ever complaint before 😂😅

Before this i enjoy to be friend with everyone, but now i feel lazy to mingle with the thought of getting married inside my head. It's making me scanning my colleagues if they are one of the potential colleague! Ah it's tiring. I want the old me back who is carefree, no need to worries about finding/searching the one...


whenever 'kakak staffness' tanya whether i'm single or not, i would always give an answer that simply cut the conversation.

It's just mood swing, from frequent exposure to oxytocin 😂😂😂😂
I give to people in labor to ease their delivery, who knows i got the tempias too.

Later, next department, i hope i would be more serious in my career.
The current department has been making me more vulnerable day by day with women's hormones 😭


Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Of faith and hope

- bismillah -

Just a simple note from i encountered at the clinic yesterday...

Upon seeing a very bright smile on her face at the clinic yesterday, i didnt even know that she was once had 1 episode of "unexplained abruptio placenta" at 39 weeks on previous pregnancy, resulting in intrauterine fetal death.

A strong abdominal pain was mistaken as contraction pain. Little did everyone knows, the ctg finally flatten.

I believe her strength i see now comes from a very supportive environment, a deep-seated faith, and a loving family.

May Allah take good care of her on her current pregnancy. 🌹

Teringat cerita addin dan benz.. Hewhew... Mcm mana benz pujuk addin bila dia keguguran, kembali kepada tadabbur surah kahfi.

And kemarin, kakak nurse klinik tu pujuk patient, "in shaa Allah anak tu jadi anak syurga, sedang menunggu di sana."

Indeed, the couple lose nothing. Allah. The beauty of faith, taqwa, doa and iman.

Hello paeds!

- bismillah - Alhamdulillah. Currently i'm in my 5th posting. For whoever had wish me and pray for me since the start of my career jour...