Thursday, November 22, 2018

My first ELOT

- bismillah -

Alhamdulillah. Currently i am in my 3rd posting, O&G...

Today (22/11/18) is my first turn for Elective Operations. I got 2 cases of removing uterus. Buang rahim...

A day before, which was yesterday, i was very nervous. At about 1 hour before my shift ended, i went upstairs to the respective ward to check on those ELOT patients.

Surprisingly, i saw the surgeons already made entries and reviewed the patients pre op. I cant imagine if i dont 😂

Upon reviewing their files, i flipped through old operative notes of another patient. I copied the procedures and plan because i just dont know what to do on my 1st day of elot coming morning. So i prepared every forms i can 1 day before elot.

Turned out that my MO made another forms all by herself today 😂😅 i left speechless.. Anyway she praised my effort, it's just that my forms need lots of alterations so she just make new ones.

Well, the whole universe know about 'rumours' about this department, in any hospital. They said this is the scariest, most horror posting etc etc.

I entered this posting with all those bad rumours in my head. Everyday was faced with palpitation and anxiety.

'i heard they throw away files/tickets on the floor'
'they always shout'
'it' s all housemen faults! '
And so on...

Well, on my first day, i was surprised to know that there is bacaan yasin every friday. Whatttt. Last time i know about this routine was during my high school. Okay, i was surprised about it on my firsy day...

Surprise no 2, there are foods/ceremony/gatherings almost every week! Ada ja orang buat kenduri... And everyone's invited!

Surprise no 3, one of my specialists check on me whether i ate or not before proceeding for second ot. I wassssss amazed, shocked, speechless...

Why i heard all bad rumours about them all in this department before 😭 when indeed they are so kind, especially when talking to patients...

Well, i pray may Allah bless all good souls.

Ps. Yg garang2 marah2 tu ada, and it is parallel with the rumours 😂

Ps 2. "awak dah 5th poster eh?" kembang dua minit, lps tu duk konfius posting ke berapa dah ni haha

Ps 3. Kalo dah pi medan perang, jangan patah balik. Dosa.Despite rasa susah dan payah, hadirkan diri jugak lah. In my case, i aim utk fill in log book as the reward utk segala 'kesusahan' berjuang jadi elot. Hehehehe.

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