Sunday, June 24, 2018

The truth and the reality are there, hidden

- bismillah -

It's been a long time since i can sit down and write something here.

In this life, we do not know:
- we would live up to what age?
- how is our future self?
- what kind of ujian would we face?
- who would we meet and live together?
- when would we be parted from our loved ones...?

Thinking tomorrow is myb just our last day in life... Until proven otherwise.

Oh Allah, never left me alone in this heartbreaking temporary world.

I just want Your eternal jannah. Pls grant me in with my loved ones. Amiin.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Takpalah, jaga berkat

Dr tanya kenapa xda ldh, xda amylase...

I can just make up the values... High value and get the diagnosis straight away.

But i wont lie, i wont cheat.

Hence i receive a lecture and dissappointing look from my dr. "u have no logic" kinda impression.

Oh Allah, may i ask for Jannah to replace this broken piece of ending...

Allahumma ighfirli.

(the values were not there because the first person seeing it doesnt take it in the first place. So... If i got "no logic" later then i'll be just like that... So alhamdulillah for getting "no logic" now so that i may not repeat the mistake later...)

اللهمّ اجعلني لسان صدق في الآخرين واجعلني من ورثة جنّة النّعيم

Monday, June 18, 2018


Sesungguhnya, kehadiran antara kita ialah satu ujian.

Sesungguhnya, aku mahu menjaga keberkatan,
Aku mahu menjaga tawakkalku pada Tuhan,
Aku mahu menjaga setiap doa dan harapan.

Jika baik, untuk dunia dan akhiratku, maka akan dipermudahkan.

"alhamdulillah, anakku punya sandaran (pada Tuhan)," kata ibuku.

Semoga, hidup dan mati ini diredhai Allah.

Hello paeds!

- bismillah - Alhamdulillah. Currently i'm in my 5th posting. For whoever had wish me and pray for me since the start of my career jour...