Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A day to remember

- bismillah -

Alhamdulillah. Lps grad, bermula lah urusan nak mohon kerja.

Mula2 kena isi borang SPA, lapor diri dengan penaja, kemudian isi borang MMC utk mintak lesen nak kerja.

On 17/7/17, i went to KL with ayah all the way from Perlis. Sebab mak tak sihat, jadi mak stay dekat rumah saja, kami datang berdua. It was our first time taking ETS, and ayah was excited that he didnt sleep at all during the 5-hour journey.

We accidentally bought 2 tickets at  discounted rates (it was supposed to be only for my father's ticket to receive pensioner rebate but i got one too with the same rate). So we went to the counter (bought online in the first place) and asked for an exchange but the crew said that we had to fill a form for refund. My sister said that it's useless to refund because she said the company never (seemed not) entertain her requests of refund before, so she advised us to buy a new one instead.

Well, we ended up taking the train with 3 seats for 2. Eventhough we have to pay more, and it was not neccessary that they will check the rate :p, but this decision to buy a new ticket had save us from anxious feeling and guilt for 5-hour journey. In short, we had paid another RM98 to buy piece of mind.

Hurmm.Takut gak tiba2 dia cek pasai pa tiket RM53 ja utk budak ni 😅 pencen kot celah mana...pangg cop penipu. Nauzubillah min zalik.

P/s well, it is hard to write again after you've stopped for a while.

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