Monday, July 31, 2017

future doctor and marriage

- bismillah -

"Being a physician is a marital stressor."
Either not getting/giving appropriate support needed, it depressed you. or lucky to have ones but later losing (death of) the loved ones, making one to risk for depression too.
Ever wonder why there are multiple verses in Quran mentioning about hazan? That Allah says one of the rewards of being His good faithful servant is that you shall not be sad? (Only Allah know the real meaning of 'sadness' mentioned in quran. But our job is to pray that we dont get sad in the dunia nor the akhirat punya sadness). And why our beloved prophet Muhammad said his prayer everyday in the ma'thurat to seek refuge with Allah from sadness?
Because depression and sadness are real challenges in life. Real threats. To the health, faith, life... Of which we need the ultimate protection to begin with.
Anyway, this medical path is beautiful since it makes us to not love/enjoy/take for granted the dunya sooo much than the hereafter. Seeing defects and perfections of creations everyday, diseases and cures complementing one another, should soothe our wild soul yearning for freedom from scheduled fate, freedom from obeying our Creator. There are multiple ways to tame the naughty cheating lost souls from just wandering around.
Remember Him. Get attached with Him. The only way out during our ups and downs.
Advices to the current and future me, and around me.
16/5/17 Facebook post.

my opinion after reading the below article:

Doctors and Depression: Suffering in Silence

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Perempuan berkalung serban

- bismillah -

Because i believe marriage is about growing each other's potential,
Creating independence over dependence,
Tolerance, patience and loyalty,
This story is really my cuppa tea haha.

I admire how Khudori patiently and gently wait for his wife before they can be together. I think it was quite some time till she regained courage to start the relationship. His wife was apparently scared from her previous experience with her ruthless ex-husband. Khudori also dont rush about having children, of which totally opposite with the ex-husband.

A strong woman does not need to depend on men for her life to succeed, but to accept a man's love doesnt mean she is weak. - i dont remember the exact quote but these words are sent by Khudori to soften Annisa's heart to accept him as her husband.

And after a while, their relationship bloomed, her career has advanced, she thanked her husband for his endless support. She thanked him and said that she couldnt have achieved the current stage if it wasnt because of him, that she admitted that she need him to be by her side. In other words, she started to depend on him for his support and care. She said she couldnt afford to lose him anymore.

Khudori stopped her, and said that she shouldnt depend only on him. He acknowledged that her success was due to her efforts. And he apparently didnt want her to lose her independent trait!

Marriage shouldnt create dependency up to the level that one cannot live if their partner are not by their side anymore.

One day, Khudori got into a motorcycle crash and was hit by a passing car. Annisa was left widowed with their newborn.

I cried during the scene. How could she survived? Isnt it too much for her, since she was about to start a good relationship after suffering from abusive mariage previously.

But she is a strong woman, remember?
And her husband had never cause her to be solely dependent on him. She was sad but she could move on.

Because she believes that a strong woman should never depend solely on a man's shoulder.

This film is a critic about the old mindset and unneceesary labelling to gender roles. Men shouldnt help in the kitchen? Women should never voice her concern out? No way.

In the end, there was a symbolic scene where Annisa purposely threw away a piece of serban, left alone flown by the wind.
Guess the meaning?

Who says that she needs a serban to entangle her neck (steps) in her own life?

Freedom. Break free from gender dependency.

Sehingga aku kental seperti Annisa,
Sehingga ku ketemu persis Khudori,
Barulah menikah.

Monday, July 10, 2017


- bismillah -

Apa perasaan balik for good?

Tekak yang haus akan mencari air.

Hati yang gering, perlu disiram tarbiah.

Rindu nak berusrah 😥
Dulu2 kalau usrah xjalan, boleh buat usrah sendiri dgn kawan2 or adik2. Tapi Allah izin, usrah jalan setiap minggu sekali.

Semoga hati ini sentiasa condong pada mentari kebaikan.
Agar teduhnya dapat memayungi tanah,
Menumbuhkan pucuk baru.

Hello paeds!

- bismillah - Alhamdulillah. Currently i'm in my 5th posting. For whoever had wish me and pray for me since the start of my career jour...