Sunday, June 18, 2017

Wise spending?

- bismillah -

Some of good conversations that happened during my flight back home of which i want to capture...

I sat beside a philliphine lady. She was very warm and nice. (Just now i remembered i havent eat the muffin she kept for me while i went to the toilet when the crews were busy distributing them).

"How often do you travel home while studying?" She asked.

I answered that, i go home almost each semester break, so about 9 times for the whole 6 years.

"Does your scholarship sponsored your tickets?"

I smiled. No of course not and i said to her that i get my tickets from my own savings. The scholarship does not have special allocation for personal travel.

"So, you are rich? Because you can travel a lot while studying?"

I laughed upon hearing this. No, i'm not rich, i just spend on other things less, but spend more on travel, i told her.

She smiled and said that i made a wise spending to spend more on travel.

*kembang kejap*

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