Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Get up and shake the palm tree!

- bismillah -

Dengan bawah aturan-Nya, i got viral URTI since a couple of days ago, in the middle of final exam battle. In fact, the exam doesnt even started yet.

Somehow, facebook memories reminded me of this today...check out the post image.

Benarlah, Allah itu maha Kaya, maha Pemurah. He knew how much i need Him. Every thing around me is a sign of His endless mercy.

I have been sleeping all day and night, i have doubt and wonder what will happen to my final exam...

But Allah is very merciful. Ada rahmat dan kasih sayangnya dlm setiap yg berlaku.

Get up and shake the palm tree!

Itu arahan Allah kpd Maryam a.s saat beliau keperitan sakit melahirkan.

Bangunlah! Demam je pun...hehehe

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