Monday, May 22, 2017

2nd Viva

- bismillah -

It has been 2 days since the start of my final viva. Surgery, and O&G. Coming up Paeds and Int Med in shaa Allah.

I want to remind myself:
Pls treasure these moments. The time when you are in need of Allah the most. The time that you realise you have nothing but to rely on and only for His mercy.

The phase of life when you appreciate every past moments filled with good things. And myb the phase when you regret and repent over things in the past.

He is the most merciful.

Allah is very near to us. We are in need of Him for our life, and hereafter.

P/s dr zuhair asked me, which specialty i want to pursue? Determined, i answered internal medicine. An answer that i never thought i would say it.

Thanks to Him. His mercy guided me to 'get' elective course in internal med, that i think i lose my love to paediatrics.

Anyways, loving the children and the elders are sacred act in Islam that even our Prophet said once in hadith that, those who dont care for the children and the elders are not considered among us (muslims).

May Allah show mercy to all of us, guide us in our life, for the best of the bounties in life & hereafter.


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