Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Last cooking before the final exam

- bismillah -

Cant believe it. The first MCQ final exam is around the corner. So starting today's lunch onwards, my housemates and I will be ordering food... Nobody is going to cook meals like before. Heheh.

So here is the 'last' breakfast home-cooked meal, prepared by me this morning. Phewwww memories...how time flies... I can still remember my first time cooking here, 6 years ago, it was hard and tiring to cook for 8 pax dinner.

But somehow, this 'last' cooking jadi touching plak...lps ni xda dah masak2 utk diorang ahli rumah...huhuhu.

Pray i study berkat utk exam kali ni! 8 exams in a month.

Blupp.. blupp..
*tenggelam masuk air*

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