Tuesday, February 21, 2017


- bismillah -

It must be dull kalau path ni takda air mata.
U aint going anywhere, u are going to Jannah, to meet Allah who is always watching you and knowing your fight.

"o Allah, what ever blessing that you bestow on me, or on others, are all come from You. You are the only One, never will we betray, and to You and only You we will be grateful, all praises be upon You."

Kesat air mata. Semoga saya tak lupa. Semoga hari ni menjadi batu kekuatan semangat jika masa depan breakdown lagi.

I have nowhere to go, but to run towards Allah. He will never left me alone.

T_T esok dan lusa exam. Doakan, Allah kasih dan rahmati saya.

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