Tuesday, January 3, 2017

When are you getting married?

- bismillah -

Entering new year, is adding a number to our age. As we age to a certain number, it comes with people's expectations too. Age this and that, you should achieved these and that...bla bla bla

This morning a friend told me that her new year azam is to be beautiful. I nodded, and i added to her saying, beautiful inside out...not just physically.

As for me, (alhamdulillah) i have never make beauty to be listed in my goal. I respect and support her new year resolution anyway, nothing is wrong with that. It is just that, i have another goal.

I want to graduate in 2017.

Hambar. Well, everybody in my batch has the same goal. Hehe.

And for months before the new year, i try to consider learning about marriage and stuff, but i found out a lot of marriage issues. I befriended with a kakak in master syariah, she shared a lot of insights from the court chamber, especially relating to divorce cases, penjagaan anak, harta sepencarian and everything...

Well, i believe those people who got divorced/having mariage issues were the ones who had choose their partners very well before getting married. Well, somehow things went wrong in the middle of the road... It must have been unexpected, yeah who would expect to get beaten by a romantic soft-spoken boyfriend once he became a husband???

Things are unexpected.

Well, like my doctor who teaches pyschiatry said, "you can never know whether or not your partner has sleep terror at night (or snoring, i add), it is just your luck".

Sleep terror = one who kicks/slaps/do anything unconsciously during sleep...err

Nobody knows what marriage will bring them to face and embraced.

Speaking of luck,

I guess i am lucky enough till now, and i hope it lasts forever...

My silent worry (read: concern) is that i pray nobody will ever ask me the titled question.

I thank mak ayah and family for never throw me the sensitive question. Because i am surrounded by my-other-24-y/o-friends who arent comfortable to be pressured by their family: when are you getting married?

Well, scrap goals to please others. To please yourself is to appreciate beauty, no need to work for more artificial beauty.


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