Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Prayer for Aleppo halab muslims

- bismillah -

Today, in the news, it was said that the regime has entered Aleppo. When a regime entered a city of poor and helpless remaining civillians, you can expect the worst they can do to harm anybody within their sights. Rape, burn, massacre. Anything.

It rained from last night here in Jordan. My place i'm residing is not withing close range with aleppo, but i believe we share the same weather, climate and time. We even share the same temperature i guess. It is cold. Very cold, if you are living outside the house. Water runs along the road, with puddles and streams of rain water flow to lower areas. Everything is cold, wet and simply uncomfortable, especially when you are denied of electricity, heater, gas and what more denied from having peace.

I came home from hospital this afternoon, sitting by my side over the aisle is a syrian boy. He is the youngest in his family. His father was a doctor back then in syria. His eldest brother was about my age. His uncles and aunts are living across the world, they managed to flee the war zone. His family escaped to the neighbouring country, here. How do i know all these? Because his family is living in front of my house here.

They seems established, being able to find comfort and shelter here. But, it is an outsider judgement from me. Standing in their shoes, who can ever guess that one day we are living as refugees?

As refugees, you cannot work in the country you are getting sheltered. His doctor father, make living by other means. He cannot practice here.

Have anybody ever imagine, living a stable life as middle to upper class citizen in own's country, but in the blink of eyes everything changes?

During the whole journey back home in the bus, he just looked over the window, lost in deep thoughts that even the conductor had to tap him on his shoulder to ask for the fare.

May Allah guide him for his future as a righteous and practicing muslim.

Let us all pray for all the muslims in the world, of which Allah has make us connected through the bond of Faith Iman and Deen Islam.

Oh Allah, all these catastrophic events are signs of Your power, that You are the all-Knowing, the most merciful, have mercy on us, the living and the dead, the young and the old, grant us eternal happiness and tranquility, of which we firmly believe ever existed only in Jannah.
Oh Allah, whenever You have promised and guided us for Jannah, the world is just a brief of time where the eternal joy in Jannah isnt comparable with all the worst events combined in this world.
Oh Allah, grant us Jannah.


Winter - thunder showers 12°C

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