Saturday, December 31, 2016

My 2016

- bismillah -
What i want to achieve in my 24th chapter?

Bismillah dan tawakal utk tahun baru
Alhamdulillah utk tahun lama

2016 has been a very great year for me and family.
Allah cured the illnesses and sadness that we think not easily cured,
(measles, ptsd, traumatic post cataract, and much more that myb went unnoticed)
Fought the 11 final exams battle during 5th year,
Blessed ramadan in malaysia breaking fast with parents for complete whole month,
Survived 3-weeks learning and practising in hosp emergency department,
Had a great raya with all full house,
Pursuing final year,
And alive breathing well...


And not to forget that i got free 3 seats in a long international flight, slept well, comfortable and healthy, while after that i learnt there was a family who need to pay for extra seats to transport their stroke bed-ridden mom home.

Allah has been kind to all of us.
It is the matter of realising or ignoring our blessings...


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