Thursday, November 3, 2016

Where does study drive us to?

- bismillah -

Cuba tanya diri sendiri, if i am to die right after the exam, will i end in jannah or not?

And by thinking that way, you want your study to be one of good deeds that you will be rewarded.
You dont want your study is just for the sake of dunia.

You would have want your study to be part of your ibadah,
Not a mere 'waste' of life thinking only about dunia just like gathering wealth and luxuries (without good purpose of doing so).
And wishing your study is one of your preparation to meet Allah.

Oh Allah, i study so that i want to be near You, to acknowledge Your power, the sole Creator of all, to appreciate and be thankful to You more, because with increasing knowledge about the creatures will help to be more mindful of the Creator. And hopefully with such knowledge that we are learning, we are able to understand Your revelations more well and able to feel at ease with it, not to be burden by it.

Think and begin with the end in mind. 😉

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