Sunday, October 23, 2016

Waffle incident

- bismillah -

Only the one with purest taqwa will attain Jannah.
But dont forget, the best of all sinners is the one who repents.

Today i (want to) make some waffles, but things went wrong when the waffles get stuck inside the waffle maker. It just wont come out. So i only got to eat the upper crust, because the bottom layer was left stick to the surface.

I spent a very long time cleaning the surface, from after performing solat zuhur until i heard the azan for asar prayer. Since it has a non-stick coating, i have to be careful not to scratch it hard. I used a wooden spatula in the beginning but when things get long, a fork comes for rescue.

Well, it was very distressing. Not being able to eat a proper lunch, having to scratch gently yet the batter had harden with time, i cant help but feeling very anxious, angry and sad. I suddenly realised i was in trouble, big trouble. I think it was very nuisance and troublesome to do the cleaning job while my other friends are blessed with studying for exam in their rooms. Why is it me who happen to be one wasting her time in the kitchen: not eating, hungry, and working?

Until i take a deep breath and utter astaghfirullah.


This trouble, this 'hardship' of removing harden waffle from the non-stick surface, is one of the ways that Allah grant for me as ways of repentence. Every hardship in a believer's life is a chance of erasing previous sins, even in the event of a finger being prickled by a needle.

And suddenly i found one of the way out.
I feel more calm.
I was able to think more clearly.

I pour small drops of water and let it dissolved the harden batter. It was easier to remove then.

And i just remembered a verse from Quran, even there is a hadith mentioning about it, that:

What ever the situation is i am in, or who the person is, whether they are possessing threats and harms, or even offering kindness, they wont be able to cause us any harm nor benefit at all, except under the Will of Allah. It means, any harm or benefit that we shall get in life is only up to the decree of Allah.

La amliku li nafsi dharran wa la naf'a
Illa ma shaa Rabbi

I might think 'spending my time in the kitchen and not being able to study' can do me harm, but if instead Allah says that through this situation i will obtain goodness and blessing, then i will get it. Vice versa.

I pray that my previous sins are forgiven during this event. Amiin.

And i must believe, i have no absolute power over my self for any kindness or harm, but Allah has always grant us choices to make in life. Allah is the one who give me blessing and goodness, or harm (nauzubillah), not solely from my own action.

La hawla wa la quwwata illa billah.

May the incidence teaches me for the future:
- to be patient with unexpected situation
- to deal hardship in life with positivity
- to seek Him for the way out from difficult situation
- to ask for His forgiveness often
- to always believe that only Allah have absolute power over me

This is what i learnt. Among the simple things that makes my life thoughtful.

May Allah bless me with His unlimited mercy and blessing. Amiin.

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