Wednesday, October 5, 2016

menghitung kekuatan

Farhana kuat!
Semoga urusan sebelum, semasa dan selepas osce miniosce obstetric & gynecology dipermudahkan.

Beberapa hari sblum exam ada peristiwa besar. Semoga tak terjejas kehidupan saya. Semoga saya okay. Macam mula2 tahu dulu. I am strong to be shaken by such disturbing thoughts.

To love is to learn to let go.

And love isnt limited only to human beings. We can love everything that exists in this world.

Semoga beroleh takdir yang penuh kebaikan.

And finally, my cinderella story is progressing to becoming true...except that i am not the cinderella, i am charles perrault, or maybe his descendants' long-distance cousin.

Free. Free your soul from bad thought.

Semoga kalian beroleh kebaikan. Amiin.

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