Thursday, September 22, 2016

One of a wonderful day in my student life

- bismillah -

"All girls do the same thing," a lady was smiling to me when she walked passed me.

I was surprised.

She turned to the mirror and copied what i had just did moments before.

A laughed out loud and smiled back to her.

I was walking along a dark and quiet connecting corridor when i saw her coming into the sight from the front. I was on my way home after a long weekdays at the hospital. Today is Thursday, marks the end of the week's dawam. I was glad that my dawam ended with today's incidence, greeted randomly by random people, that i smiled all the way till i reached the end of the hallway.

Actually, my day today began pretty good. I was late for morning report, and decided not to enter it at all. Surprisingly, when i reached the hospital compound, my friend told me that there was no morning report for it has been cancelled. Hooray!

Eh, alhamdulillah...

I have clinic rotation at the o&g department today. I was nervous not knowing what to do or what to expect in the clinic. I began with introducing myself and my friends to the residents in charge. Alhamdulillah they were in good mood, for yeah - they replied. (You can expect how helpless medical students are when nobody realised their presence in the room.)

So my friends and i sat there, waiting for the consultant to came into office. We go through our notes, just in case the doctor makes some random pop quiz that will leave us clueless if we dont prepare anything in our mind.

"One student pls come with me to the ultrasound room," a resident called from the door. My friend woke up and followed her, leaving me and another friend behind.
"It's okay, we will take turn after this to see the ultrasound," my friend said to me.
I was unhappy, i wanted to see the US too! I muttered slowly my dissappointment, and to my surprise, another resident heard me.
"It's okay, you can go to learn too," she said with a promising smile. I thanked her and we ended up being in the room with all of us.

Alhamdulillah. I never thought our presence would be noticed by those beautiful residents. I thought they wont even talk to us. These are from my previous experience being in a busy crowded clinic. They even answered all my questions regarding ultrasound findings of the patient.

While this is not true when it comes to the consultant. I wont blame him, but i thought he was one of the most supportive doctors, but my thought wasnt proven to be true. It is okay, i wont elaborate much on negative unhappy stories, the residents being kind are more than enough to make my day in the clinic productive.

In the afternoon after the clinic, i had a seminar to be presented. Since it is khamis and everyone anticipatedly waiting for the seminar to end as early as possible, so the doctor who supervised us ended up giving all the students semi-lecture. I talked a bit about my part and he finished it all.

Khalas. You have presented all my part, doctor.

That is how my khamis, my end of the week rotation at the university hospital began and ended...

Alhamdulillah. I should consider my self lucky though, as if a series if fortunate events.........


So, perjalanan balik naik bas biru dan bas agwar qadim, luckily the bus take the route yg lalu depan rumah. I sat by the window on a single seat, make no bother that the window is wide open, selak langsir luas2 enjoying the late afternoon sun and wind, as usual. :)

Among the memories during my mbbs journey that i will be glad to read this back in the future.
In shaa Allah.

P/s i forgot the most important points! In the afternoon break after the clinic, i was sitting in the hospital lobby alone reviewing the history taken from the patients in the morning clinic, for if i go to the hospital library i will likely to fall asleep..., when suddenly my friends from another group came and join me there. They even brought olio pasta for lunch! And 2 courses of halawiyat (desserts) that they received from their arab friends. And of course, i didnt turn their invitation down to eat those food! Sumpah, this was the most blessed day i have ever had. 😃 Alhamdulillah hamdan kathira.

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