Saturday, August 6, 2016

Marriage advices

- bismillah -

This is a good video for both men and women, married or not-yet-married..

3 self improvements in women:
1) emotional stability 'having control over yourself, dont cry or yell w/out reason, no drama queen'
2) being secured 'dont feel intimidated with other females, be it in-laws, friends. build self-esteem'
3) grow intellectual capacity 'so that you and your spouse wont grow apart that even having a conversation becomes hard (aside from talking about children)'

3 self improvements in men:
1) having self-control 'not being abusive physically, verbally and emotionally, no matter how annoyed you are'
2) being expressive 'learn and grow on emotional level, adopt ideal islamic personality from our prophet'
3) become appealing to your spouse 'find out what your spouse likes and dislikes, what makes them feel loved, attitude-wise, stop negative behaviors that your spouse dont like, then start loving acts'

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