Monday, July 11, 2016

Of being a final year student

- bismillah -

It is the second day of being a 6th year medical student.

And i cried the first thing in the morning. I wondered where has my spirit gone? Why am i not interested in studying medicine, out of sudden? And the most important question is, where is my passion?

I ignored all the thoughts, and keep on applying my make up sambil kesat air mata. Applying foundation and wearing one of my best attire help to boost my confidence and spirit. Haha.

So, i read some mathurat.
Drank a glass of milk.
Eat a packet of oatcrunch biscuit.
And i am ready to go to the class.

The weather was fine although a bit windy.
My fever has gone but with runny nose a bit.
Met a junior along the way, greeted her and told her it's okay to be a bit in low mood because of homesick (she has just arrived from malaysia last night).
I cheered her and i laughed as if i didnt cried at all this morning.

And i am still searching for study booster.
But with a happy stable mind.

The point is, penuhkan perut yg lapar, sihatkan badan yang demam, later on thing will fall into place.
Rule of Maslow's triangle.

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