Sunday, June 26, 2016

Buku #1

- bismillah -

Alhamdulillah. Finally i published my first book. 😎😎😎
What i mean by publish is simply making a product out it to another form. Bukan jual lahh. Just for my own use in the future.

My simple basic O&G notes.
The original one is colourful, the new copy is just plain b&w.
Hand-written la tapi.
Photocopied. Binded. Pink pulak covernya.

Happy! I just publish my own mini textbook. 😂

Next plan: buku tazkirah yg padat

Motif: sebab dakwat tulisan pen akan kembang dek zaman, jadi kalau nak guna berdekad2 kenalah dalam bentuk yg tahan lama. Kalau saya ada masa, saya dah taip, tapi, macam sama plak dengan buku2 di pasaran (haha angkat bakul).

My jotter book is one that accompany me to the class everyday, that one thing which witness every moment of discovery and self-reflect during the learning session. If the book has a pair of eyes, it will see my facial expressions when i got flattered just to know how beautiful Allah created the field of obstetric and gynecology is.


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