Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Psychopath husband who abuses his wife

- bismillah -

Personality disorder, antisocial or psychopath. The people who belong to this group can be very charming, at the first time they meet new people. These people, are who people would easily fell for, from their good character.

But the good vibes we see are just superficial. They dont turn to be bad, but instead they become evil when their prey has fell to the trap.

As what i can relate when i read articles about marriage abuse. The husband is on trial at the court, smiling and standing firm on his feet that the wife is the one who has problem, or created the problem, his actions of kicking and hurting her are just - what he called as - reactions. So in his point of view, if the wife was good in the first place, there will be no such acts.

This is exactly how antisocial personality think, believe, and act! They do violate rules, cheating, dont care about right of others, have no pity on others, lack of empathy, and no sense of REMORSE over things they did.

Huh. Sociopaths are living with us, giving services, smiling, as charming as people who knows nothing about their true face. He/she may be married, single, our colleagues, the boss, the exec, the doctor, the patient...they can be anybody.

"It is all depend on your luck!" said Dr Ali.


May our already-written spouse are among those who are blessed with good characters AND good mental health, inside and out, the faith servants of Allah with no OCD, and the list goes on...

Psychiatry is making me crazy-kan orang haha.
Nak tahu cerita orang alim yang OCD?
Sumpah lebih kurang sama scary dengan sociopath yg bermuka2...
Next post after exam. In shaa Allah.

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  1. Penah jugak terbayang klau dapat husband yang ada masalah pyschopath ni. nak tanya, orang yang ada masalah macam ni, bley sembuh kan? and mcm mna kita nak detect yg someone tu ada masalah pyscopath ni?

    x sabaq nak baca the next entry. moga Allah permudah sis untuk jawab exam. n moga dapat result yang cemerlang :)


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