Friday, April 29, 2016


- bismillah -

There is a post about searching for volunteers to cook for refugees in france.

Whoever interested will just have to pay the transportation cost only, the rest will be provided.

It will be during ramadan, during my semester break.

Peluang depan mata...nak join!

But then, timbang2 balik, seorang perempuan pergi ke tempat yg tak tahu status selamat ke tidak adalah haram bermusafir tanpa yg boleh melindungi.

Datang belajar ni pun kena banyak kali perbetul niat kenapa datang dan pilih jalan terbaik utk lepaskan diri drpd haram bermusafir tanpa mahram.

Who knows one day my honeymoon would be a medical charity visit to refugee camps, spending time together but for the benefits of many, plus dealing with hardship will usually reveals everybody's true color.

Who knows. Just dream.

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