Thursday, April 7, 2016

- bismillah -

Life is a struggle, a challenge to seek, not as obstacle to be avoided.

I challenged my self to fulfill my goals.

Spiritual goal
Academic/career goal
Family/relationship goal
Personal development/skill goal


Motivating is like smiling, it soothes me and those around me.

I have to maintain writing. Because people who have mental illness will lose the ability to write...oh which i never thought of that before as a blessing.

Mari bersyukur with every single thing.


Exam mutaqaddimah hari sabtu. Doakan Allah permudah dan diberkati semuanya.
May Allah bless my quran teacher, miss reem and miss abidah, an engineer... Alhamdulillah, learning quran from cool is that to inspire me and you?

Kerja apa pun, tak ada label kau pandai quran ke tak.

Learn for the sake of Allah.
Learn for the sake of Jannah.

Moga Allah jagakan niat selalu. Amiin.

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