Monday, April 25, 2016

Allahuakbar! Beri aku nafas!

For the first time i witnessed a patient facing life-threathening situation, in the ER.

It was hard to describe.

I last saw him when he was transfered to the hospital from the clinic ER. He was studying with his friends when he had  tachycardia, shortness of breath and cyanosed upon reaching the clinic ER.

And about hours later, after finishing my on-call and was resting on the bed at 12 midnight, i discovered about his death posted on fb.

May Allah bless him. Amiin.

Mari bersyukur.
Tarik nafas dalam2, dan rasai kenikmatan udara, masuk meresapi darah yang menyalut ruang2 peparu tanpa payah. Hidungmu, telingamu, malah kakimu serta segala anggota tubuhmu sampai udara dan darahnya. tak putih kecut, tak biru, tak sakit. Dan paling penting, kau tak perlu menjerit meminta diberi nafas tika ini...

Mari, bersyukur. Atas segala sesuatu.

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