Friday, March 11, 2016

Apabila tak dapat apa yang hendak

- bismillah -


Hidup ni tak boleh putus asa untuk percaya yang segalanya elok terletak di tempatnya.

Things could have been worse than what had happened.

وما تشآءون إلّا أن يشآء الله

Each time i told ayah about my disappointment when i couldnt get what i want, ayah will always remind me of this verse from surah al-Insan.

We will only obtain what Allah wants us to have.

So chill. No matter i feel badly want to be brilliant in medicine, i know i cant have than what Allah has destined for me. So that is why we need doa, prayers and supplications, that may Allah grants us all the good things from what we want to achieve.

And so about jodoh. I told ayah, ayah kata ayat yang sama. No matter how i do i feel, what do i do, my intentions, my knowledge about that matter, things are all up to Allah for them to happen.

I just have to do my part. And even the energy and taufiq to play my part are from Allah.

Solely we all belong to Him.

So when an adik junior said she hasnt yet found her jodoh that a guy didnt choose her, i told her that thing could have been worse if that person chose her and they become syarie-illegal couple. When that person and you are not destined for each other, to not be a couple at all is better than to be in love for a short moment and involve in dosa.

So chill if the one with good characters/pious chose another person than us. To not have any relationship with him/her is much way better than to be involved in haram relationship.

So see thst how much Allah has protected you when He didnt allow an event/relationship to take place?

Alhamdulillah. There is some time left to pray, to always pray, before we finally return to Him, where that Day when we will realise that it doesnt matter anymore if we get that particular worldly dream or not.

Because all that matter is that we want to meet Him in a peaceful state, qalbun salim..


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