Sunday, February 14, 2016

Spending time with kids again

- bismillah -

Sunday's memory.

Sunday is the first working day here in Jordan. Ahad - arabic word for Sunday - is indeed signifies that it is counted as one - first count.

I went to Basmah Clinics this morning for dermatology round. The doctor is young, amiable except that he didnt interact much with those who dont answer his questions. Besides, it is not his fault that we - non arabians - takes time to answer the questions because we have certain seconds of delay for interpretation and searching for answer...
Did i mention that at such a young age he has become a specialist? I smiled forcefully to myself, get up on my feet and approach him to see what exactly was he showing to the rest of groupmates... Muka harus tak malu walaupun hati makin kecik.

Then at 12 i went to my university to attend a lecture at 12.30pm by the university bus. We reached there at almost 12.30 or so, walked from thd basement to the ground floor, missed the last lift which closed in front of my friend's face - and waited for another 5 lifts to descend to the G floor, and upon reaching the lecture room, it has already started. It is okay, i took the most front seat facing the doctor. Oh yeah when life gives you lemons make lemonade...

The lecture finished at 2pm, i went to Mr Nuemi - a clinical students coordinator - asking for letter of recommendation from the Dean for my elective posting. After a series of (hardwork) efforts to make him understand me - of my broken arabic and english languages, meeting the very busy Dean - he was talking over the phones - yes, two phones - for the signature and his endorsement, i finally have the letter ready. Took bus home and reached home few minutes past 3pm.

I have my quran class at 5pm, of which i have about 2 hours gap so i decided to rest and lay lazily on my bed. Had a nap for 10 minutes and woke up getting ready to go to the class. I have no idea how can i feel energized and tak terlajak tidur. Alhamdulillah.

The quran class ended at 7pm. But i didnt go home yet. I went to a friend's house for simple light dinner - makan2. It was meant for another occasion, but yes sincerely saying since i went there a bit late because i need to attend my quran class, so my presence there is merely to eat.

There were some friends with their kids.

The dinner, which i supposed to have, contains certain element that will cause me food allergy. Thus i decided not to have any meal because it will flare rashes on my skin.

So, i took care of the kids while their moms eating. I drew some simple objects for Umar 6y/o and Ulya 4y/o. Asiah 2y/o toddler came once in a while and sat on my lap. I have the boy on my right, listening to a daily prayers from a tab he was holding, while my eyes watching the cheeky girl drawing. Whenever there were at times i paid extra attention to any of them, the other will scream loud for attention! Hahaha.
Ya...acik ada 2 telinga, 2 mata...acik tengok, acik dengar..........

And tiba2 the little toddler came and sat on my lap.

Ma shaa Allah! What a blessed feeling to hold them all three together in my big hug.


A blessed ending of a long Sunday.

- dulu, sebab saya nak jadi pediatrician ialah saya nak main dengan anak orang - if, in case saya tak ada anak sendiri. Haha. Apalah fikir macam tu kan...lololol.

But then, the visualised idea has come true today. It is earlier than i thought.


Pray may Allah grant me, my friends and families, the spouses and offsprings as joys of the eyes and as the leaders among the righteous. Amiin.

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