Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The spilt coffee

- bismillah -

We entered a room previously used by the 6th years students. And there was this strong familiar aroma around. It smells like, coffee! Yeah, there was a coffee stain on the table, and some on the floor. It really was a mess. I think it should be called as a puddle of thick coffee spill. 

I was mumbling slowly. Busuklah. Sapelah tumpahkan. Bla bla bla. 
And so did other students, they were commenting on the after-effect of the spill. 


My friends did something wonderful today. Lowering their ego.

They clean up other people's mess. 

One of them mopped the floor with 30 pairs of eyes watching! M.o.p. which i dont know from where did he get it!

He cleaned up the freshly spilt coffee - stain on the floor which has a very strong odour due to its high concentration. 
And taraa - no stain, no smell. 

Kalau dia tak buat kerja tu, maknanya sepanjang discussion akan bincang dalam aroma kopi yang menusuk. 

And, i teringat my ayah sebab ayah selalu buat kerja mengemop lantai. Which explains why anak dia ni tak pernah pegang kayu mop. Huh. Insaf. Being a cleaner tak perlu pakai uniform pun, and my friend today being a cleaner who does cleaning job without being paid, reflects his standards of hygiene. 

And 30 hands gave him a round of applause later after he finished mopping. There is something to be proud of anak melayu lelaki like them. (They were two involved - one accompanying while the other did the job)

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