Monday, December 21, 2015

Obstetrics and Gynaecology 1

- bismillah -


I am currently in my fifth year school of medicine. Alhamdulillah. 

It has been a month and a week since i entered O&G rotation. There are 3 weeks left before the end of rotation exams, which are Osce and miniOsce. 

At first, tak best pun. Lama2, jatuh cinta. 

Apa2pun, cinta lagi dalam bidang paediatrics. And i met paeds doctors in obstetrics wards everyday... :) and of course cute neonates since their 1st moment of lives. I have seen deliveries and i cant describe the relief that everybody in the labour room feel when a baby is born! And crying!

Doktor o&g sibuk bedah perut, dr paeds relax saja tunggu tepi. Hehe. Dr anaesth lagi laa tunggu lama. But kesian la one of my patient lambat sedated, and she was moving her legs when the doctor incised her abdomen...luckily they managed that situation quickly before going to far, the nurse stopped the doctor from continuing his work, nurse marah doctor hehe, and after waiting for a while, doctor bising2 to doctor anaesth, then he continued. Luckily, the patient will have amnestic effect from the GA. Or is a nightmare to be able to feel our skin incised.

I have seen Ceaser of a woman with previous surgery scar. It took a very longggggg time for the doctor to be able to open her uterus because there were adhesions across her abdomen. It was my first time, and i was bored, wondering why does it take so long to hear a baby's first cry?? Rupanya, itulah kesan adhesion. 

I asked a doctor, dah complication of ceaser tu adhesion, which is troublesome la huhuhu, then what is the limit of ceaser in a woman's lifetime? 

He laughed. Hehe. He says, there is no limit. He had seen multiparous women of 10 ceasers while he was working in Gaza. Ma shaa Allah. We were all surprised and jaw dropped to hear that. 
But then, of course, the abdomen was full with adhesions. But as long as she is undergoing new surgery, the adhesion will be cleared. Lol. 

He gave a definite answer,  4 times ceasers are considered the most. Well. According to a woman's health status and health facilities available too...

Above all, normal vaginal deliveries have least complications and take lesser time (not the same story in first timer mother!). Utk first time, NVD lama sangat, tapi untuk next deliveries, it will be shorter and much tolerated. Ceaser for first timer is short, within 30 minutes, but for next deliveries, boleh jadi 30 minutes tu masa yg diambil utk kerat2 koyak adhesions!


Banyak lagi i learnt about pregnancy. 

Yeah. I admit, i am more to obstetrics than gynaecology. Hehe. 

Till then, goodbye. 

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