Monday, November 9, 2015

Winter urti

- bismillah -

I have a cold, again. There is no bronchitis, yet, just runny nose. And i ate an egg again. Cold air + egg are potentially the allergens to cause these reactions. And it can trigger asthma. Up to one point where i start to read about the relations between allergy, urti and asthma. 

End up sleeping with ventolin by my bedside. Hasbiy Allah. 

I was thinking...if i were to die of asthma, please dont look down on me as a medical student who supposed to know how to manage asthma well...

Because i know, 22 years of living is a long period of time.....hasbiya Allahu nikmal wakeel. 

Good night world!
12.22 midnight
Irbid, Jordan. 

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