Monday, November 2, 2015

the compressed-heated-carbon love (a short story)

- bismillah - 

Just a short story. Sempena cuti lepas round forensic. 

So, there is a medical student named, Aida. She's in her twenties. (A lady would not tell anyone in the world two things: the real age and body weight.)

Aida is a wall-flower, she was once a legend in her alma mater but when it comes to university life's competition, she simply lose her shine. She didnt take part in college's election, nor volunteer to lead any project or activities. She just wanted to be a good team player, after a good times being a team leader during school years. She wanted to sit down and rest from managing people and their problems. 

And one day, her friends were suprised upon seeing a flashing simple diamond ring, a solitaire-cut they guessed, on one of her fingers. Has she got engaged? Is she getting married soon? They were curious. Very curious. 

At that time, more than half of her friends suddenly became cheerful and smiled whenever they meet her. They greeted her in the morning, and waved her goodbyes in the evening. Almost everyday. And there were some of them who came to shake her hands, glancing purposely on the diamond ring. 

Nobody has ever asked her, what was the ring supposed to mean?

Drops of tears left flowing freely on her both cheeks. Aida was sobbing, unable to control the emotion that came up after reading a letter which was on her lap. 

'Dear Aida,

Azim bought you this ring. But i am sorry, the time comes just too soon for him to hand the ring to you by himself. He left for work and never return home, his car collided with a lorry on the highway. I believe you might want to keep this ring as a token for his company and of memories with you before. I believe he wanted you to keep it. I believe in you, to keep it in your possession, Aida. As your once supposed to be a mother in law, I pray for a very responsible and sensible man to be your husband, despite seeing you wearing an exclusive diamond ring the first time he gets to know you. I pray for the brave guy to have meet your parents and asked to be told about the ring and treat you nicely later on in your marriage. Please, keep the ring that my late Azim wanted it so much for you.

Yours sincerely, 
Mrs Sarah.'

Azim. The one who has been protecting Aida since their childhood. And even after his death, he wanted his one precious friend to be safe and sound from cowardice and untruthful men out there who have no confidence and strong determinations to make her a legal wife. If he didnt have the chance to marry her, then someone else must be the one better than him to marry Aida, that is his promise that Aida has no idea about, but his mother knew about her son well. 

Aida took off the ring and scrutinised it for a while. The ring had give her more than what Azim had wanted, she gained 'instant' friends, attentions, and gossips as well. She has created a new life script on a new chapter. She is now somebody else's concerns, no longer merely a wall-flower. The diamond's shine has outshine others. And most importantly, she learnt to differentiate between fake and real smiles and greetings, getting to know warm friends and the ones with cold hatred looks on their faces. 

And for one day that has soon to arrive, Aida prayed for a man to come with built confidence, asking for her hand in marriage. Probably, 50% of his mind seeing her reply as to she said she is engaged and clearly showed her ring, while 50% of his thought is seeing her smiled in relieve to have meet her awaited soulmate, after a long tiring period of streaming pieces of glasses from both parties. 


Cheesy forensic. Lepas meninggal pun masih ada cintaaa. Pastikan cinta yang tidak menyempitkan kubur. Huhu. Allahumma ikhtim lana bi husnil khatimah. 

Diamond is a pressure and heated compressed carbon after undergoing some geological processes deep inside the earth. 

We are going to be unearthed too when the kiamat comes. May our soul and body dibangunkan dalam keadaan terbaik. 

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