Thursday, November 19, 2015

One day

- bismillah -

I longed for the Paradise,
The place where i feel no pain,
no worries. 
The time when i feel no fear,
no sadness. 

I longed for the akhirat,
The heaven where i can meet Allah, 
after all these years that passed,
and years to come in shaa Allah,
of all the things that happened and will happen,
of all my sorrow days and joys,
after ups and downs,
I shall meet them all there, on the day i meet Him. 
He will tell me that the day is the sign that what i told and the things that i hide, He knew them all, He heard them all, He simply never ignores. 

And i really wish He will grant me Jannah under His mercy. 

For the world is so dirty, so cruel, so tempting with worldy desires yet tearing hearts of humans to be torn apart, making it ached yet cured by poison, claimed to be at ease in the day yet having sleepless nights, the world that say you are money-maker, never a life-maker. 

I really longed for His heaven - a place of an eternal bliss. 

P/s i encountered several deaths lately. My junior, my arab neighbor, my university doctor, a friend of friend of my age...and yes, we will all have the 'departure date'. 

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