Monday, November 9, 2015

My first Scrub story

- bismillah -

Alhamdulillah. Masih diberi kesihatan. 

Well, i did my second presentation in fifth year just now, being the first group for this current anaesthesiology rotation. 

I love doing seminar presentations, but i hate to use previous senior's slides, but i even more hate to make my own slides because of my perfectionist trait. I did my own slide for previous rotation though, and it went so long...

Tomorrow will be my first day to enter the OT in shaa Allah. May Allah ease everything. 

I dont know anything unless what Allah has taught me. 

Well, Allah has been kind to me. I wear a long abaya, because today is only seminar for me, no need to enter the OT so no need to wear the scrub. And you guess what happened to me this morning?

I have to wear the scrub, even when i dont need to enter the OT. 

Luckily, alhamdulillah, i wear a proper inner long sleeve shirt and a proper loose slack. Or else...the scrub is too thin to make me warm and what more important is covering the aurats properly. Abaya? Buang sangkut tepi!

And i wore shawl purposely instead of tudung today, but then with the scrub, it had to be loosen down and i have to put on a new style to match with TIME, yes time, and matching the scrub which mean the shawl should be put underneath it. So pergi kelas with 3 pin and 2 peniti, masuk kelas with only 2 peniti. Hijab with no pin? Totally arab-style~

So, lesson learnt is, whenever i am in this OT section, i have to be prepared to enter the OT eventhough not scheduled. 

I am secretly wishing to enter OT everyday, but being too lazy to give extra push to my self to 'enter to the unknown world' (the OT room)... Which is full of male doctors - yes i cant see any female nurse in most of the OT thru the orientation sneek peak.

Imagine, being blurred, alone, alienated, thinking whether to enter thru big door or small door, wondering what is the case of surgery being done, how many hours that it will last, and what to do there and most importantly, WHERE TO STAND?

I shall discover the fear and know the answer tomorrow. In shaa Allah. 

I have to be cemerlang. *nangis*

Tidaklah aku keluar dari comfort zone melainkan untuk Allah bimbing aku kepada kejayaan hidup dunia dan akhirat. Amiiinn. 

Fuh kanan fuh kiri. All is well, only with Allah. Pray for me!

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