Monday, October 26, 2015

I touched a heart!

- bismillah -

(The aorta. And the lungs too.)

For the sakes of learning. Mainly of curiousity. 

Not for fun, or else i'll be very guilty. 

I pray for Allah's mercy on their souls. 

Currently i am in the forensic rotation. 

The rest is history. 

Jaga rahsia pesakit. 
Jaga rahsia manusia lain. 
Hidup atau mati. 
Doakan Allah rahmati. 

Markaz Tibb Syar'i Irbid (Kompleks Rumah Mayat)


  1. bestnya.. dapat sentuh jantung..
    hopefully,,, i will touch it too.. someday..
    Asfa baru dapat pegang jantung lembu,,, hehe
    jantung manusia,,, blom lagi..
    untunglah... bersyukurlah... ke hadrat ilahi,,,,


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