Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The future that we have no control

- bismillah -

I was inside the car when i talked to ayah about my worries. I told him that i'm afraid of what will happen in the future. 

Ayah said, well, nobody knows what will happen in the future. He said that he totally had no idea back then how is his life going to be today. It is a gift from Allah. And after all those good things happened throught out his life, he has had enough and only pray for a blisful age. Sekarang, ayah hanya minta panjang umur dalam keberkatan. Amin. Me too. 

Actually, ayah knew i was sad about a man's death that was mentioned in the news. He was a doctor, a young man, leaving behind his families. 

I was thinking, 
Am i ready to build my own family when one day, my partner or me is going to leave each other?
Am i ready to accept when one day i have to lose them?

Well, death is real and going to happen. I dont feel bad about it. What i'm worrying about is the separation of partners by other means, not only by death. 

Who knows,
The one who we are madly in love now is going to hurt us very bad one day? Maybe after 5-10 years, words of love will change to words of hatred?

Who knows...

But then, i'll listen to my father. Nobody knows the future. It is all lies in His hand. Only Allah knows. He knows the most. 

So what is our roles for the future that we have no control?
To remain positive, faithful, loyal to Allah and only Him. To always say prayers. To always ask for a firm heart. To have our tawakal on Allah. 

No matter what. No matter how do people betray our love for others. No matter how hard life is going to be. 

In shaa Allah, everything is a good thing. 

So, to have a spouse is to be able to leave or to be left when the time for separation comes...
Well, our iman and characters determine how hurt is the separation can be........no matter what is the reason of separation. 

Am i ready?

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