Wednesday, May 13, 2015


- bismillah -

I just came across this one...

A Kid Named Lonely

I want to tell you about a kid named Lonely.

The kid is genderless and ageless and all-of-us.

He’s the little boy curled up in his dark bedroom, listening to the yelling in the kitchen below.

She’s the little girl growing up in a house with vacant eyes and big, distracted people. 

Lonely is the kid on the playground, staring at all the impenetrable huddles of his peers. 

Lonely is the boy waiting in the drizzle for the ride that isn’t coming.

Lonely is the girl whose boyfriend sees her body but not her heart.

Lonely is three touchdowns on Friday night and no one sober enough to share it with.

Lonely is the growing man in a freshman dorm, surrounded by noise and scared to death.

Lonely is the new employee on her first day at a new job, sitting in a bustling cafeteria at a table of one.

Lonely is the earnest effort to reveal your heart to another, and confusion on the face of the person you love.

As long as you are human and breathing, there is a little lonely kid with big eyes and a trembling heart somewhere inside of you.

- src The Marriage Manifesto by Kelly M Flanagan - pdf

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