Sunday, May 10, 2015

Kauh. Missing 13th floor

- bismillah - 

Today, i have just realised one thing!

Bangunan hospital tempat saya belajar hanya ada 12 tingkat. 
Ada 13 sebenarnya......:/ 

Ada tingkat 1C selepas tingkat 1 sebelum tingkat 2. Dipanggil 'Service Floor'. 

So, dalam lift hanya ada sampai no 12 walaupun ada 13 aras sebenarnya...


I dont know who get involved in building it, but it might have been related to the concept of high rise building in the western world. They just skipped the "13th floor". 

Because there might be something else living there later~ uuuu. 

Read more through google. "Why 13th floor just dont exist?" 


And that is the answer why we have 1C in KAUH and the highest level is Floor 12. 

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