Wednesday, April 29, 2015


- bismillah -

Doctors and arabs friends are always calling me with "Nur", and i am happy about it :) very much. 

Because they pronounced Nur as it should be pronounced, the word is arabic in the first place so it suits their tounge well. 

It is pronounced as 'nouu-r'
Not 'nor' nor 'nu' nor even 'no' like we malays always said. 

And Nur is one of asmaul husna, one of beautiful names that belong to Allah. 
Nur means light, Allah an-Nur is indeed Allah who give us light of hidayah and everything. He enlighten us all. 

And i hope that i always bring lights and smiles to all around me. My second name means something related to happiness.

"Where is Nur?" Dr T asked in a ward round one day. Whenever there is tricky question, he will find me. Because i will answer all questions being shot! Eventhough it is wrong... Because i thought it is right in the first place so i just answered with confident, haha. 

And i learnt some arabs attitude, they are assertive. They give excuses but (my friends) dont lie. "Nur, can u give me summary of this case presented by your friend?" 
"I am sorry doctor, i cant hear."
He nodded. 
Then he asked my colleague, which then she gaves him the same answer too. Haha. I am safe. 
And lastly my doctor asked the one who presented the case to give the summary. 

Well, i am not lazy to give summary, but being assertively honest, i tell him i dont hear everything clearly, so how can i wrap up for summary? :) nak buat mcm mana dah berdiri belakang orang2 besar tinggi, memang la tak boleh focus. 

Kalau kat malaysia, mati la kena sumpah sebab tak dengar orang bentang. 

Apa2 lah. Moga balik malaysia nanti saya masih sopan. Sebab orang sini takda heart feeling. Mereka straightforward, x mudah terasa hati. Nak tegur, tegur on the spot. 
"Jangan merokok, nanti tua jadi macam ayah awak ni..nak?" Pesan doktor kepada anak seorang pesakit diabetes dengan ulcer di kaki.


Doktorah Nur in the making. In shaa Allah. Moga Allah izin yg terbaik. 

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