Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tales from the hospital lobby

- bismillah -

I sat for a couple of minutes in the hospital lobby. 
It taught me a lot. 

I saw a woman with bandaged right eye. An old man walking slowly with his stick, being left behind. Another old man cheerfully walking alone, going home i guessed since i saw him earlier this morning at the surgery clinic. A happy family of three, whose their 4-year-old son was so afraid of syringe that he cried loudly on his father's shoulder in the clinic just now. 

I wondered what were they thinking upon leaving the hospital. Some went home feeling relieved with good news told by the doctors, some may left feeling anxious with their health conditions, while some others may even be worried, about the cost of treatment. Sick people cost a lot of money. No money, no treatment. That is how the world worked. Back then, islamic scholars used to give free treatments. 

Back to my sitting in the lobby. We are all have our death written. Everybody will die eventually, be it the sick one or the healthy one. But still, we have time for our life. That's why we need to survive and find ways for treatment. Be it being alone, slow in movement, old, poor or anything, just go and seek treatment. Put the best effort in search of medicament. Eventhough we know very well that we are going to die. Everybody is. 

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