Monday, March 30, 2015

Ironi hidup

- bismillah -

Kita biasa dengar, tika seorang mengeluh tiada kasut, pada masa yang sama ada orang yang tiada kaki. 

I started to worry when i saw my savings is not as much as what my friend has. But then, one day, i heard noises from outside the house. There were two voices shouting out loud. Were they fighting or something else happening? I went to the window and it sank my heart. 

"We are selling vegetables from the countryside!" I heard those clearly being shouted by a man. His son repeat after him. And they did that continuously. While pushing a three-wheel cart loaded with greens. 

I am worrying about what? My tiny savings? Allah. That amount is much more than what those two men would be expecting. 

And another story. 

Let me use A and B because it is a bit sensitive story. 

A wanted to get married. But A got no chance for it. There are certain circumstances ahead that are unsettled. While B, have B's way lay out wide, cleared straight path to marriage, but B just dont want to get married yet. B needs another year, or maybe years. 

Well, i am not judging anyone. But, what i learnt is that, what we have may not be enough for us, but that was a huge blessing for others. 

So, why not we say syukur, even if we think what we have is sikit? Sebab sikit pada kita, boleh jadi sangat signifikan dan diperlukan oleh orang lain. 

Bersyukurlah. Bersyukurlah. Allah akan tambah apa yang kita rasa tak cukup dan malah Allah berkuasa untuk tambah apa yang kita rasa dah sedia cukup. 

Rezeki di tangan Tuhan. 
Ukuran banyak atau sikit, bukan penentu kebahagiaan dan ketenteraman iman. 
Bersyukur boleh diertikan sebagai menyimpan dengan sebaiknya, dan menggunakan juga dengan sebaiknya. 

Bersyukur dengan apa yang ada,
Bertawakal dengan apa yang tiada. 

Alhamdulillah. For everything. 

1 comment:

  1. well said. :)
    kadang terlupa and demand for more.
    tapi sebenarnya apa yang Allah bagi tu kalau kita pandai bersyukur, yang sikit pun jadi banyak.


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