Saturday, February 28, 2015


- bismillah -

I was 'busy' with my phone until i heard some side-talking. Overheard to be exact. 

And it left me crying afterwards.

No they are not talking about me. But on a sensitive issue for the time being. 

I do learn in pharmacology on how and why we vomit, what stimulute what, but i dont know how do we shed tears, easily...

Makin hari, makin complex nak kenal diri. Hari ini baru tahu stimulus baru untuk trigger emotional hijack. Weird. I call today's reaction is weird. 

My friend by my side realised the sudden emotional hijack. She comforts me well enough. She asked me why and what happened, i laughed out. i wish i could have the answer myself...

And i finished everything quickly and left the function early. Took a bus ride home. Got some sleep, and waking up typing this wishing all the problem had gone. 

No, it stays. 

I wish any problem that arises can be shed off like how the dandelion lose its tiny components...

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