Saturday, December 6, 2014

Love is... learning from Siti Hajar a.s.

- bismillah -

I happened to hear a ceramah from youtube this morning. The ustazah mentioned about Siti Hajar, the wife of Nabi Ibrahim and her perseverance with finding ways to survive in the bare open desert.

Siti Hajar isteri Nabi Ibrahim ialah ikon kesabaran, ikon juhud.

the significant Safa and Marwah saie, is for us to reflect that we shouldnt complain much. find ways for the solution of any problem we are facing, dont just sit, sleep and hoping that food and water will come to us after waking up.

i learnt that there are many types and definitions of love.
we hear about our Nabi Muhammad and his wives, Sulaiman, Yusuf and other Nabi.

as for the love that ties Nabi Ibrahim and Hajar, it's about sacrifice, trust, and patience. the family moved from Palestine to Makkah, (estimatedly from this part of earth that i'm living now, full of rocks and mountains, elevations, to a far far away land with no airplanes!), this can only be done with a great effort that is strengthen by a high determination to sacrifice, lillah. we can sacrifice money with no big deal if we have plenty of it, but sacrificing our previous life to move on to the unknown world is like sacrificing the best for the worse. but with deep trust in Allah and His plan, they managed to carry it well. Hajar asked her husband why did he left them there alone at the open desert, is it an order from Allah?, and when Ibrahim admitted it, she felt relieved and put all her trust in Allah and her husband. she continued living with her only son, at the deserted place, instilling the fact and faith that there would be no harm as Allah would take care of her and her child. Allah wouldnt let them go into despair. Allah would help them. she kept living with patience.

so love is about sacrifices, trusting and being patient as in this context of story.

i wish i can go to perform hajj and umrah with knowledge and eman. may i dont forget this story of great determinations and not complaining over hardship when i am performing saie later.

pray that may i have the love. may i have the meaning of love.
fillah. lillah.

"cinta yang menambah taqwa, itulah cinta ke syurga." - quoted from the video that i watched just now.

here's the link.

that's all that i want to share..thanks.

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