Saturday, November 29, 2014

Living the best of your life

- bismillah -

Assalamualaikum. :)

It's winter here now in irbid. Alhamdulillah. House is cold, we got no heater, just water heater. What a very immature attitude of being afraid of high-cost electiricity usage. Hehs. Just wait till we got into families, house will just have to be warm. Kaitan?

How to live our life to the fullest?

We have always been in a low mood, for some reasons as days pass by. How can we achieve the feeling of satisfaction and 'fullness' everyday?

Simply let us imagine these:
"A child who dreamt of a toy car, will forget his dream once he got into an adult life, where he will eye for a ferrari instead at that time. 
A girl who has always wanted a barbie house, would smile widely once she becomes a lady who stands in front of her dream house."

Simply, we fill our life with 'wants' and 'needs'. Life will always become dull and uninteresting whenever 1) we have nothing to achieve, and 2) we cant get what we want

So the first step to lead a meaningful life is simply to: have a dream to achieve something!

By that way, we know where exactly we are leading this life. We see the destination which we want to reach. Once in a while if we ever fall down due to some life circumstances, we can simply get up and continue with the pursuit again. So, this is the first step to fill your life. 

Next, work on achieving the dreams! 
If we have set up the aims and goals, that is just not enough to call our life is 'full' and satisfactory. We need to achieve those goals to call our life is 'really is a life'. 

The measures and steps taken will eventually fill our life schedules and routines. One will always find that his or her days are always productive, in the sense that whatever one is doing is a step taken to get closer to the goals. The feeling of no time is wasted is simply what makes our life seems to be in a great satisfaction! If one has ever make a checklist, there will be many ticks and rights marked. In these days, in this phase of life where everything is at its best, we say shukur, alhamdulillah for those days passed without regrets. 

But whenever we stop working hard or being lazy to achieve the goals, life will come to at its low. Regrets fill the air that we breathe. With addition of feeling useless, bored and every negative mood seem to be injected into the blood. We reject everything that is good. I think this is futur. We have no goal or we seem not to work on it. 

Come on, that bad feeling should not fill any part of our life. Simply because our time is running out! It is a waste if one has a week of low moods, while who knows, that may be his or her last precious week of being alive! What if the period of getting depressed gets longer and longer? We just waste more and more. And sadly, life and death are real. They are just there. No doubts. 

So, like what i said before, to live our life at its fullest is simply to have goals and works towards them!
 Fill and fill the time with good things. Good deeds. With good intention. 

In islam, Allah taught us that a true destination is Jannah, the heavens. Yes we got the offer of seven heavens, why on earth that we think we should not book a place in any of that? 

Rewards are just too plenty. 
Nikmat too are just too plenty. 
Everybody has their portions. 
Allah just has everything. Ask from Him, and fill this life with intention to meet Him. 

Like a child who dreamt of a toy car, he will no longer have that dream one day, yet still has the feeling of satisfaction, when he a has bigger dream for a ferrari. 

Dream high!, and every other dream will seem to has already been achieved. :)

Dream of akhirat, dunia seems to have been achieved along the way to reach akhirat. 


P/s as for my own reflection, love is what i seek at this time of life. I may dream for a man's love, and working towards it. But whenever i think of an even higher and better dream, of thinking to achieve Allah's care, love and attention, i seem to think that i have already satisfied and achieved the goal. The feeling of getting more than what a man can give, i think i've already achieve the first dream :)

So the simple mantra is, when you want a toy car, try to get a real ferrari (or work towards it) and you'll find that life is already at its fullest phase. 

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