Monday, October 6, 2014

Muamalat lagi...3 dimensi

- bismillah -

I see you rising
I want to be by your side

Oh, le cupcakes. 

Ada banyak penyebab cinta. Cinta pada harta, jawatan, budi, amalan...dan list nya panjang. Banyak penyebab jatuh cinta. 

Cinta pada orang hebat, dikhuatiri apabila dia melalui fasa kelemahan maka cinta padanya juga pudar. 

Orang cakap bagaimana kita begitulah juga cerminan pasangan. 

Dulu i was khazinatul asrar wanna be. Or also anna althafunnisa. And even sakinah(?). (Those are novel heroins). 

And at times i also considering to become rabiatul adawiyah. 

K.asrar is a very syadid character. She dont tolerate any flirts. Anna is strict. She is a conflict avoider. And very obey to her parents. Just follow the flow. 
Sakinah (xingat nama salju sakinah's main character) is strong when facing the fate. And she believes that following what Allah has ordered will bear its fruits at last. She repeated her course of study to end up staying longer in cairo and it's a door to her marriage actually.
While rabiatul adawiyah is a sufi, non married. What's a keh keh keh dream. 

That is how i shape my mind when it comes to befriend with guys. Sooo sufi and syadid and you better dont smile to me or i'll curse you. Hehe. 

As time passed by, i learnt more by experiences, not to be influenced by novels' plots anymore. 

But for at least alhamdulillah i was safe during my schoolyears from bad ikhtilat, thanks to khazinatul asrar. I wanted to be expensive! Hehe. 

And as for now, it's not like i am no longer syadid nor wanting to be expansive anymore, but i changed my way of acting and point of view. 

I befriended with true characters who potray how they act and live in their own novel called life. Simply, there are wide ranges of friends and their characters vary too. But still, i pick up the best and practice them of my own. 

That is, just be good to everybody around you. Smile, nod, laugh when appropriate. And start talking and asking when you have to. Dont zip when you shouldnt. Be in one place! (i used to left any event whenever a guy enter the room, i dont want any chats. Well, used to do this a lot. And still doing this! One guy entered and started talking then i would leave them whoever stays to the conversation.)

And there is a character that shows me how to be good. 
"Kak farhana...sihat ke? Dah lama sampai?" after two minutes i reached the place. Soooo welcoming. 
Simple basa basi. Yang sangat menunjukkan akhlak. I was shocked. Sebab tak pernah ada orang bersopan dengan me...huhuhuhu. 

My old life was like... I reached a meeting place, meeting started, meeting finished. No other side talks of human beings! 

Well, to a certain extend, that was the best thing a jundi should do. Work hard and stay away from any attachment or ikhtilat. 
But, i cant deny that we are humans. Talking about humans is just neccessary as much as we talk about paperworks, budget, events calendar and beauraucracy...etc. (Did i spell it correctly?)

What's neccessary? Conversing on health, moods,  wellbeings, recent events...
What are not neccessary to ask? Hurmm wrong question at a wrong time in a wrong place; dating! That's what we called as bad side of ikhtilat. Worry not, ikhtilat is not something of all bad. There are good sides of ikhtilat. That's why a more correct term is "jaga ikhtilat" instead of elakkan ikhtilat. 

Ikhtilat means interaction between males and females. 

Come on, we all know which interactions are good and necessary, and which others are just avoidable and not important. 

Point of this post is, haha, after 21 years of living, i started to have conversations aside from meeting tables. Before this i only talk in meetingss. And some formal talks that i gave. Aside that, you must be of the same gender with me for the priviliages. Hehe. 

That's all for now. I hope you readers got my point that, we learnt and change step by step as life continues. What matters is not only what is right and what is wrong, but what is necessary.  

I believe i'll learn more in shaa Allah. 
Thanks for reading. :)


  1. Agreed sis! Well, I was introduced to the ikhtilat terms when I entered UTP, kat Derma tak belajar la benda2 ni..huhu. Tapi Alhamdulillah, Allah jaga. And my social communication skills are really useful when in uni + when we know when and where we should use it. Btw, I've changed my blog link, it's :)


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