Monday, August 25, 2014

Relationship is a dynamic matter

- bismillah -

What is seemed to be strong may be fragile inside, 
What is seemed to be confidence may be very anxious inside,
What is seemed to be gentleman may be typical inside. 

It is what we see,
It is what we potray,
That characters do evolve over time.
A person you know now maybe somebody you dont even know a decade later...

Relationship is a dynamic matter 

irbid - 25.8.14

Wrote this on my facebook status update.

And my sis commented the following:
all these 'duniawi'. bahan utk ujian yg disediakan utk ukur kelayakan kemasukan syurga atau neraka. even syurga pun ada a few based on taqwa diri. sometime Allah uji dgn apa yg kita 'tiada', most of the time Allah uji dengan apa yang kita 'ada' kerana kadang2 kita lupa apa yg kita 'ada' itu hanyalah sekadar pinjaman. may our journey to jannah will be our relationship

betullah. dapat hubungan yang baik sekarang ialah pinjaman, bila sampai masa hubungan tu jadi kurang baik/terputus hubungan maka nikmat tadi itu pinjaman yang dah pulang kepada Peminjamnya...

it is a matter of being grateful sementara masih ada :)
juga being grateful waktu 'tak ada' kerana itu juga satu nikmat...

am sorry sis Teterbang...i cant reply in my previous post..something is wrong with the coding for comment form. haiyah.

thanks anyway :D

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