Saturday, June 21, 2014


- bismillah -

Because He knows me best. 

At this very time of the year, on the last year, i wrote a story. Of which, didnt happen at all in the reality. 
I wrote about attending graduation ceremony for my seniors, but then here i am in malaysia, not irbid. 

I didnt plan anything
He planned all those 
I bought flight tickets without any careful planning
But Allah has make it an ease. 

I might be sad in irbid that Allah has channelled me back to hometown

There were seniors graduating
Leaving only us to lead the organisation
I might not see them again
If i were ever to, we might not know each other anymore in three years to come. 

There were hopes in irbid
That i am here to face reality instead

Because He knows me best. 

I need my family. 
I need Him. 
More than anything else. 
At this very time of the year. 
That's why i am here in malaysia. 

This is a very tough time. 
Am going to clinical years
Am going to face ramadhan
In syaa Allah

Am also going to face death
Of which only Allah knows it well. 

I build some dreams. 
Of which i am scared for them to happen
Or can they actually happen?
When death is always there. 

Dreaming, while death is not getting farther. 
Jannah. Strive for it, you gain all others. 
In syaa Allah. 

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